Williams allegro 88-key digital piano

The Williams allegro 88-key digital piano from Williams features 88 touch-sensitive, hammer-action, velocity-sensitive keys which provide you with the realistic touch and feel of a full-scale piano in an affordable, portable solution. At a price that is perfect for beginners looking to hone their piano skills, the Allegro is also a great fit for pros with its 64-note polyphony and 8 different piano/keyboard sounds. With the Williams allegro 88-key digital piano you also get Layer and Split modes, Reverb and Chorus effects, a Metronome feature, and 2-track recording with song recording and playback. It has a headphone jack so you can work out compositions without disturbing those around you, MIDI In/Out connections so you can use it as a basic controller with your favorite DAW, and stereo/mono line outputs to hook up to a monitors during recording or speakers or a live set.

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Williams allegro 88-key digital piano details

Williams allegro 88-key digital piano features

  • 88 touch-sensitive, hammer-action, velocity-sensitive keys
  • 64-note polyphony
  • 8 piano & keyboard sounds (Piano 1, Piano 2, Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2, Church Organ, Rock/Jazz Organ, Strings, Upright Bass)
  • Demo songs corresponding to each voice
  • Layer, Split, and Transpose modes
  • Reverb and Chorus effects
  • Metronome feature with variable tempo to facilitate practice or recording
  • Two-track recorder allowing song recording and playback
  • Headphone jack allows silent practice mode
  • More great features………



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Where to buy Williams allegro 88-key digital piano

Yamaha P95

Yamaha P95 has weighted keys, is relatively portable. It really sounds and feels like an acoustic piano. Each note is sampled four times, so the keyboard responds accordingly when you press the keys harder or softer. You can’t get quite the expression out of it that you can on an acoustic piano, but you can adjust the sensitivity of the keys. The keys feel like they’re the same weight as an acoustic piano. Yamaha P95 can record yourself playing on an onboard recorder. You can only make one recording, and then if you want to record again, it overwrites the first recording. This is nice if you just want to hear yourself play to see how a piece is coming along. There are several built-in voices, which Yamaha called them Grand Piano 1, Grand Piano 2, Pipe Organ, Strings, and Choir. There are about eight voices. The sound of Grand Piano 1 among the choices of sounds on this piano is pretty good as it has a much brighter sound, if you are playing in a room with a lot of hard surfaces and the sound is bouncing around more. Grand Piano 2 is much softer, as if you are playing in a more intimate environment with fabrics that absorb sound. …..need more info click here!

Yamaha CP33

In crafting the authentic sound of the CP series, we used meticulously recorded stereo samples of top-quality instruments, taken at various playing strengths, and included subtle elements such as String Resonance, Stereo Sustain, and even Key-Off Samples that capture the felt dampers muting the piano strings – providing the most authentic sounding and finely nuanced acoustic piano voices possible. The CP stage pianos are also master keyboard controllers that give you full command of your gear. Play and control external tone generators. Assign different voices to different keyboard sections and create multi-textured layers of sound. Two instrument zones on the Yamaha CP33 with panel sliders, let you easily tweak the level of each instrument as you play. You can also freely reassign the sliders and wheels to control other sonic characteristics of your gear, such as sound attack, decay, brightness and filter cutoff. At just under 40 lbs. the CP33 is a very compact and portable yet full size stage piano…..read more!

Yamaha P155

Using Yamaha’s Dynamic Stereo Sampling (DSS) technology, the incredibly natural 4-level piano sample is a breakthrough achievement for digital pianos. It means that, depending on how hard you strike a note, you will hear one of four piano recordings on each and every key for an unprecedented level of dynamic range and tonal expression. Playing softly doesn’t simply lower the volume; it produces the quiet recordings of piano notes. And likewise, playing more forcefully triggers separate samples at different levels. If you close your eyes while playing a grand piano, you’ll find its sound is a bit more complicated than “note-on-noteoff.” Yamaha has gone to great lengths to capture these sonic artifacts in the Yamaha P155……get some more!

Yamaha P105

A new compact, portable digital piano from Yamaha, the Yamaha P105 is an ideal practice instrument for the beginner to intermediate pianist as well as for the price conscious semi-professional. The P-105 has an 88-note graded hammer standard weighted action keyboard that feels heavier in the low end and lighter in the top, just like the keys of an acoustic piano. It features the PureCF sound engine that recreates the sound of Yamaha’s famous CFIIIS concert grand piano. The versatile USB TO HOST port and line-level AUX outputs allow a variety of connectivity options with everything from an amplifier to an iPad. Additionally, with the optional Apple Camera Connection Kit, the world of Yamaha Apps like Piano Diary and NoteStar opens up all sorts of possibilities. With its increased 128-note polyphony, the Yamaha P105 ensures the suppression of dropped notes even with simultaneous Dual & Split modes and a drum pattern playing. In the EQ department, Intelligent Acoustic Control provides full, balanced sound that adapts to each user’s volume setting for the best possible tone at any level…….click here to get more!

Ypg 235

Performance assistant technology is a feature from Yamaha that guarantees that you can’t play a wrong melody note or chord. Here’s how it works. Select a song, press the Performance Assistant button Chord Mode and play the keyboard – any notes you like. Every note you play will fit the music! Well, with the YPG 235 and performance assistant technology, you can! This keyboard is the first in the line to offer Chord/Free Mode in addition to Chord Mode described above. Chord/Free Mode allows those that have learned a melody with their right hand to have the keyboard correct the notes of their left hand. This allows you to concentrate on one hand at a time while learning. Play the correct notes with the right and any notes with the left and you’re making beautiful music. In addition to working with any of the internal songs with chords, this feature also works with XF MIDI files……..read this to get more info!